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"Come sense the difference"

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Full Day Activities: $25
Half Day Activities: $15
Anything under 5 hours from drop off time.

Prepaid Tuition Rates

6-Pack of Half Days: $75
10-Pack of Full Days: $225
Monthly Tuition (M-Th): $390
(Friday by reservation if space allows, not available on holidays)

Additional pets living in same household receive a 10% discount if staying in the same daycare suite. Intact fee of $5 per day for pets over 6 months added to rates above.

Staying the night?

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Supervised Daycare and Playgroups:


Allowing dogs the opportunity to socialize with other dogs is probably one of the most important gifts pet parents can give themselves and their dog. By nature dogs are highly social pack animals and perceive the family as their pack. Being left alone may create emotional stress or separation anxiety for the dog, which in turn can contribute to your pet's loss of appetite, lethargy, or destructive behavior. The reduction of activity may result in an overactive pet greeting you at the end of a long day. Daycare is an exciting alternative to leaving your pet at home alone and allows your dog to be part of a surrogate pack in the family's absence. Regular play with other dogs builds your pet's confidence and teaches them invaluable social skills. Benefits include:

* Giving energetic dogs a proper and safe outlet to expend energy
*Caring human interaction aside from family for shy or inconfident dogs
*Healthy exercise for those who need to shed a few pounds
*Help for potty training with regular intervals of outside activity.

Additionally, you get a pet that has been physically and mentally stimulated and is ready to relax with you at home after that long day. Let your pet play with us daily in our outdoor play yards, indoor gym, and pool, and enjoy the many benefits of daycare awaiting you and your pet.

All applicants for daycare will be evaluated before admittance into off leash group play. Play groups are determined by size and play style. All play is strictly supervised with pet care supervisors remaining in the yard or gym with the group.

Daycare Hours:
Monday - Thursday 7:00 AM - 6:45 PM